morning, wood~

Hey, I'm Daniel/Danyul/Webby. I answer to pretty much anything though.
20, English, second year Philosophy student.

If you see Amanda Palmer on the street, kill her, said the graffiti under the bridge in Boston. And beneath that somebody else wrote, That way she’ll live forever.

About Me

So if you’re reading this, you obviously want to know more. Great! Kinda. So, where do I begin?

I was born on Mothers Day, which is the only thing interesting about my life. Well, and the fact that I’m partially deaf.
I’m from Kidderminster. If you know where this is without looking it up, congrats, you’re part of a minority. I’m currently in my second year studying Philosophy at the University of Northampton. I love everything about uni life apart from my course, and my university’s choices. Wonderfulll.